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Rise Coaching Program

Do you have a teen that is suffering with anxiety, shame, and self doubt? Do you feel helpless watching their pain? The RISE program can help.

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Helping teens RISE above anxiety, shame and doubt

By Rerouting, Imagining, Seeing, and Experiencing, I help teens recognize that they have the power to RISE above anxiety, shame, and doubt in their life. They learn the tools to face their emotions instead of fearing them, and that they are valuable & loved, no matter what. I help teens find the FREEDOM to live their best life, no matter what gets thrown at them!

Heather is very helpful and good at what she does. She taught me about laddering my thoughts which helped me a lot. 

18-Year Old Teen Girl

If you have a child that struggles with anxiety, this is perfect because it teaches your child how to deal with hard things.

Mom to a Teen Boy

Heather’s coaching helped me recognize my own thoughts and how I can change them to change how I feel. 

13-Year Old Teen Girl

Power to RISE up!

A free mini session is time for me to talk to you as the parent as well as your teen. I’ll chat with you about your concerns around your teen. Then I’ll chat with your teen about their concerns and what they’d like their life look like.

Feel hope again!

After one short mini session, you can feel HOPE again. You’ll learn powerful tools to help you help your teen (and wish that you had these tools when you were their age). This is invaluable!

Don’t wait!

Sign up for a FREE session today by clicking on the button below. Schedule a time that works best for you & your teen! This is the first step to empower your teen to RISE UP above anxiety, shame, & doubt.

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Freedom, love, empathy, curiosity, dreams accomplished. It’s going to be amazing and it can all be yours.